Jon Bowles
A short biography from Jon Bowles:

My wife Judy (nee Pincombe) and I are both AC graduates from Bricket Wood where we were students during the late 60's, and early 70's. This was a time when Mr Armstrong regularly travelled to the Middle East and Europe and we were both privileged to be taught by him on numerous occasions. My wife worked in the agriculture department on graduation and I worked in Media. I was ordained in 1983.

We first moved to Wales here in the UK in 1975, and again in 1982 to bring up our family on the few acres of land where we currently live. I also ran my own small software business for many years from an office in our home, though today my time is taken up with running the Church of God in Wales ( which I now pastor, with members across the world. We have three children, a daughter and a son, who are married, and a daughter who is divorced. We also have four grandchildren -- two boys and two girls.

After leaving Worldwide in 1995 we communicated with several other groups, however, try as I may, I could find no one senior to me who I regard as truly on Track, and who really "gets it" as Mr Armstrong used to say. I therefore conclude that the current scattering is something allowed by God in order to sift His people. God will unite His people, in His time and way, and until He does, I feel my job is best defined in Matt 24: 45-46 "Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season? Blessed [is] that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing." That I regard as my current "job statement".

Part of this "meat in due season" - bringing God's people "back on Track" (Rev 3:11) -- involves returning them once again to the Words of God found in the book of Psalms. These are very clearly the words which God specifically designed to be sung within His Temple - "which Temple ye are" (1Cor 3:17). This was therefore the direction Christ - through Mr Armstrong - was formerly leading His Church. However, when the apostasy took place, protestant songs were substituted by Satan to subvert God's people. Once he had them singing their old protestant hymns again, it was only a relatively small step to get them thinking their old protestant ways again as well. I am particularly concerned today, at just how many of the other groups still fail to realise this -- even though they may superficially claim to reject what happened.

You will find that the Psalms I have set to music are not word for word translations of the Scripture - but more thought by thought renditions -- placing poetic verses within simple, tuneful melodies to make those thoughts of God more memorable. This seemed to be the approach Mr Armstrong instructed his brother Dwight to use in the past and I therefore try and do the same. Such directions I regard very much as part of our spiritual heritage - give in fact by God via the apostle sent to us (1Cor 9:2). Because such a foundation has actually been laid by Jesus Christ -- the True Head of the Church -- we remain duty bound to try to align to it. (1Cor 3:10) To the degree we do not do this, we begin to move off track -- being out of step with the Government of God, out of step with Christ, and He is outside the Church knocking (Rev 3:20).

The Way of God - found within scripture - is not merely for private interpretation by all and sundry (2Pet 1:20). True understanding must be revealed -- via the very Spirit of God -- according to grace which God Himself gives to each as He chooses. (Eph 4:7) And once you understand the subject of apostleship, it is very clear that there is no one alive today who has the grace God specifically gave to Mr Armstrong, who was our apostle. I regard our failure to understand these basic points, as the major reason for the present chaos within the corporate churches. And the music found within such churches, forms an integral part of this process.

So this is the reason you will find my name attached to a number of the Psalms on this site, and the reason they are written the way they are. I hope you find them enjoyable, memorable - and above all, that they point you back to God, and also make you think!